Kickstarter Is Done!
I think that all of the books that needed mailin' have made their way into the hands of the postal service. That means any minute now y'all should be receiving books! I have only a few books left now that I need to hand deliver to local friends. I am excited for the Kickstarter orders to all be fulfilled! I am planning to look into getting the book listed for sale on tomorrow. Keep in mind that books ordered from Amazon will NOT include stickers or sketch and signature since they will be mailed to you directly from the printer. Note that books ordered from Amazon will be cheaper than those ordered from me because I wont have to pay for shipping and wont include the sketch. If you do want a book with a sketch and signature you can send $25 ($40 for international) to me via Paypal at [email protected] . I will be sure to let you know when it is listed for sale on Amazon! I'll be starting work again tomorrow on the Devil Spy prologue, so stay tuned for updates! Thanks so much for the support everyone! Split Screen would not have turned into a beautiful graphic novel if not for your help. :) Enjoy these book sketches!