Kickstarter Coming Soon!
Yup, it's coming! And this time, we're setting a small goal so we can literally kick-start the project with the first sequence of the pilot episode. 

The character designs have been updated, the storyboards have been underway, and many of the voice actors' lines have been recorded =). We have all the tools, but just need a few extra hands to get the first sequence production rolling.

This opening animation sequence will be an exciting introduction to the story, setting, and tone of Shadow Magic which I strongly believe will finally reveal what it's all about.

You, as an awesome supporter here on Patreon, will get a preview the campaign and related content. I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions to make it the best it can be! ^__^ We've really gotten a head start by saving up, thanks to you, through Patreon and just a bit more of a push will help tons =D.

Stay awesome! And HUUUGE thank you for by my side during this long journey!

Tiffa Lei.