Kickstarter to Launch in October!
To raise funds for NAV 4, I'll be launching a Kickstarter in about two weeks. And because you are all so awesome, I will be giving extra rewards to my Patreon/AneekaChannel patrons who participate in my upcoming Kickstarter!  (This will be a manual process; Kickstarter won't do this on its own. If  you want any of these rewards, you'll need to message me and let me  know. If you don't want any, then don't do anything and you'll be fine!)

$1+ Patrons: A post (and/or mass email) to alert you the instant my Kickstarter has gone live. I will have several limited awards so this your best chance to get them first. Also, a free wallpaper (and a bookmark from that wallpaper if you order a physical reward). I'll send out a poll as to what to exhibit on said bookmark/wallpaper and then ship it out with your reward(s).

$3+ Patrons: All the above plus if you sign up for just the book, I'll upgrade it to a signed one for free. If you sign up for a signed book, I'll upgrade it to a sketched and numbered one for free.

$5+ Patrons: All of the above plus shipping is free, including internationals! Kickstarter won’t do this automatically; you’ll have to email me and I’ll tell you the work-around.

$10+ Patrons: All of the above plus you can choose to get a free signed, numbered, and sketched book (or an extra one if you're already pledging for one) OR you can get a second item (ie: a tshirt or poster) for free.

$20+ Patrons: All of the above plus custom5X7 colored art of your choice (some restrictions apply; email me for clarifications) OR a custom merchandise from existing art (ie: pick art from any page of the webcomic (or poster) and I’ll put it on a shirt/poster/etc just for you!)

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks everyone!

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