"The Kid From Beverly Hills" #3
Growing up in Los Angeles was exciting and one of my favorite activities was going with my friend Bradley to the movies. The first movie I remember seeing was a doublebill at the Picwood Theater on Pico Blvd in Westwood. It no longer exists but it's memory looms large in my memory. The films were The Collosal Man and The Incredible Shrinking Man.  These two films terrorized us both so much so we were hiding under our chairs in the theater!

 Both were parables about what the cost of Nuclear Fallout and Pollution could potentially do to humans if left unchecked. Laced into that theme was the creation of a huge "Monster Man" and a "Shrinking Man" both helpless against the forces unleashed upon them.

Themes and messaging aside, two 8 year old were scared out of their wits with the hope they'd escape the theater to return another day.