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Kid Squid of 08
Today I introduce a new character. I am pretty excited about these next few pages. Something that's been sitting in my sketchbooks for a long time. I have an idea where I want this to lead. However, I am just like you waiting to find out where this character goes. I hope it's fun. You may have noticed the page numbering. This one says page one. I going to number according to either by character or chapter so it's easier for anyone wanting to go back and read just those chunks of story in one go, they can. I'll see how this pans out 😆. It's been interesting studying up on this part of Greek mythology. Considering I want to keep things in an all ages capacity I still couldn't help but catch the adult nature of what Pandoras Jar/box really represents. In some ways it's the Greek version of Adam & Eve's sexual temptation. Anyway I'm gonna go with the straight monster route. - Chad T.