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Kids show went allright!!!
I was mighty nervous before going up on stage yesterday. I was gonna perform a show for kids. This show I have been preparing on-and-off for some time - but, I never seemed to have found the flow and determination to get it complete. I sort of got everything ready though.

However, after setting up everything on stage, I had about 40 minutes of on-stage rehearsal, which cooled my nerves a bit. The show actually went really well. And I'm not at all against doing this more. (If you would have asked me a week ago if I'd like to perform this show more, my answer would've been quite the opposite.)

One of the most popular songs from the show is this one called "DANSE" (which of course means "Dance") is about how I like to dance. An animated fellow dancing enthusiast named Alexander is part of this, and he's teaching the kids a few basic dance moves :)

The preparation of this show has had me really busy the last couple of weeks, but now I'm open for more core Cuckoo activity! Yeeey! I'm just so relieved it all went so well! :D

Cheers everyone!