The view from the hotel room is gorgeous. It's hard to believe we're just 2 hours away from Phoenix. There's only one soap seller in AA this year, and it's reassuring to see their prices are similar to mine...and they don't have lip balms, wax melts, or scented oils! One of the AA vendors is running a panel today about being a vendor. Huge thanks to Ninalyn for spotting it in the programming and pointing it out to me. It should be very helpful. I need to make a list of questions ahead of time. I tested a bath bomb last night, and while it seemed to have good fizz and good bath coloring, it, uh, also left a purple ring in the tub and a purple sheen of mica on me. I kind of left prints all over the place, and I want to get some cleanser to get the remnants out of the tub before housekeeping comes by. You know, being a responsible con-goer. May not be body paint, but it's still difficult. It's nearly 8 am, and I'm just waiting on at least one person to wake up so I can start making breakfast.