KILL THEM ALL Kickstarter is LIVE!
I'm betting you guys are getting a lot of email notifications from me today.  My Kickstarter for KILL THEM ALL (of which you dudes saw a bunch of early pages) is now LIVE.  

All my Patreons that back are going to get something extra - what it is still up in the air.  For sure whatever sketchbook type stuff I have.  My friend Chris Schweizer does these awesome badges that I think might be viable.  Extra stickers?  I don't know yet - and I'm open to suggestions.  BUT if you back, I assure you, you will be taken care of.

My $20 backers are getting the PDF this week.  You get the book right now.  You don't have to wait.  

I want to say again that this book, or any book exists without the support of this Patreon.  You guys are helping me pay my bills - right now more than any comics work does.  You guys are paying for the people working on Rock Candy Mountain.  I'm not joking.  Nothing is real without you folks.