#Killstream tonight with Kiara Robles
I know I haven't been great with the updates around here. Some of my plans for a Wednesday stream have went up in smoke due to my mom being ill, but I've still been putting in some work. One of my videos on The Skeptic Feminist hit 20,000 views the other day, and there's some material on the site, as always. 

Join us tonight as we talk to Kiara Robles, the woman who got maced outside a Milo event in Berkeley. Next week, I have That Guy T tentatively scheduled. I'm trying to get in some good interviews before I ship off for my "vacation" next month. 

As always, thank you guys so much for the support. Let me know if you want your names feature on the videos or in the descriptions. The only reason I haven't done that already is because I wasn't sure if some of you wanted to be named publicly.