Kinda Funny X Rooster Teeth
Hey, Best Friends--

Today’s a big day. It’s one of those days we’ll all look back at in in five years and be like “That was one of those turning points for Kinda Funny.” It’s on the level of January 5th, the Animated Series, and the first time I hugged Xyger.

We’re teaming up with Rooster Teeth for Let’s Play, a creative community of likeminded gamers. It means that we’ll be in more of their videos, they’ll be in more of ours, and our content is going to pop up on the Let’s Play YouTube channel.

Let’s be clear from the jump: Rooster Teeth is not buying us. We’re still independent. What’s happening here is that Rooster Teeth and Kinda Funny are taking the relationship to the next level. We’ve always been close, but now we’ll be even closer. Except for me and Gavin; he still has a restraining order.

So what does this mean for you outside of content crossover with Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and Screw Attack? Well, a lot. First and foremost, we’re moving the Kinda Funny store to the Rooster Teeth store. (Same address!) Why? Because we’ve been listening to you. Rooster Teeth has merch on lock. This partnership means you’ll get your merch faster (no more waiting a month for a shirt -- at least once we have stock, today’s orders might still take a sec), and there will be a much wider array of stuff on the store. The much-demanded sweatshirts are on their way!

On top of that, let’s talk about Kinda Funny Live 2. (Tickets on sale now!) We told you it was going to be two days, but we never explained what that meant. Night 1 -- Saturday, May 28 -- is going to be the Kinda Funny Live you’re expecting but 20 times bigger. It’ll be all about entertaining the Kinda Funny community,  it’ll have goofy bits, and it’ll have amazing announcements. We’re excited to announce today that Rooster Teeth Co-Founder Burnie Burns will be emceeing the event.

That’s huge.

Now, Sunday, May 29th is going to be something different all together. If Night 1 is about entertaining you, Day 2 is all about hugging you. Sunday is Meet & Greet day. It’s your chance to get photos with us, get posters signed, and hear some awesome podcasts. Geoff and Michael from Achievement Hunter, Adam and Bruce from Funhaus, and Gus from Rooster Teeth are going to join all of us for a super-Sunday. While one group meets and greets, another will record shows for you live. We’ll hang, drink, and party like there’s no work on Monday. (Head’s up, there’s no work on Monday.)

Beyond that -- BEYOND! -- this partnership means that we’ll have a shared Booth Space at most of the big cons. This’ll make meet and greets easier and give you a place to pick up merch at PAXes and what have yous.

I know there’s a lot to take in, and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions. I’ll be doing my best to respond to everyone on the various social medias, but the Kinda Funny Forum will be the easiest place to get your questions answered and celebrate with the other best friends.

Kinda Funny is the never ending journey, and I’m so thrilled that you’re along for the ride. Partnering with Rooster Teeth means that some of that pressure I’m always talking about is off of the five of us so that we can focus more on the content you love us for -- and that’s when things get exciting.



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