Kinda Sick - Updating the Schedule Slightly
So, I ended up getting sick for the past few days and while it started out fairly minor it ended up becoming pretty major. The past 48 hours have basically been a blur of watching videos, blowing my nose, and suffering various forms of pain. I'm on the mend now, but still only about 30% myself at the moment, thus I need to update the schedule slightly to compensate for this.

1. There will not be a Shovelware Diggers tomorrow night. The series will resume its normal schedule next week.

2. I think I should be good enough before the week is over to put together a quick ADG Filler video this Saturday. This will basically swap positions with the filler video for February, so the third ADG video for February will be a regular episode. :B

Also, I noticed a huge influx of patronage this month and I'm really thankful to all the new patrons and the old patrons returning after taking a break from their pledges. All of your support means more to me than you can possibly imagine, regardless of if it's a $1 pledge or a $12 pledge! ^_^