Kindness of Strangers
Derek discovers that the frightening stranger he met in last week's installment is actually kind--or at least appears to be so.  He still has his fears, as we see in Old Verses New; Chapter 6, Brown 2.

A new week begins, and there's been a lot of off-line disruption around here from several directions, but I'm hoping to find something to write besides working on the novels.  I am bouncing around on several novel-related projects--setting up posts for this one and the behind-the-writings materials, trying to create acceptable images while fighting with an art program I don't fully understand, going through the fourth, Spy Verses, trying to remember what I was thinking so I can create the behind-the-writings materials for it and move it forward toward its conclusion.  However, there are a number of other events happening that have my attention--including preparation to play for that upcoming worship service, which had me printing sheet music for a score of songs we might do fewer than half of which I recognize.  Well, that's what being a working musician is like, so I'll find the time to look over the pages.

More to come.