"King Of The Sandcastle" - available now!
"King of the Sandcastle is an asynchronous online multiplayer pokemon-like dungeon crawling king of the hill game with permadeath and turn-based battles. It think this explanation covers most of it! As you can see I have had some trouble explaining to others what this game is.
The idea came from a simple concept. You have a pokemon/avatar whatever that you can train and fight with against others' avatar. If you lose you start over.
This game became much more than that though! There are a lot of systems that I am not sure of at all will be understandable. Luckily I built an in-game chat system!
I'm super curious how this will go. It's the kind of game that grows by playing it collectively. As such, I will be playing myself as well haha! 
I'll see you in the sandcastle."
- Tijmen

Get if before Wednesday March 28th