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The King of Under-London, pt 1
All right, y'all. The first of a three parter, this installment comes at you in a mad dash here at the end of the year to get this last novella at you before I officially launch the much-awaited novel come January 1st!

My CP is busting her ass left right and center to help me get this to you--so if you're feeling froggy, hit her up and send her some love.

Just remember--I need your help to push this thing out there--every recommendation you make on social media helps expose this ridiculous universe to more people. And that contest! We're still going--so make sure you post as many times as you like across twitter, tumblr, and facebook using #underlondonverse to let me see you're spreading the love! For each platform I'll be awarding a physical copy of the entire Under-London universe once the novel run is complete--so don't miss your chance!

**Small note, regarding another story: For continuity's sake, Caroline parts 1 & 2 have been renamed "The Escape from Under-London," and their part-numbers respectively. That's really the only change made to it, so if you see those posts edited, don't fret. I'm just picky and was so excited to get that story to you that I forgot to give it an official name, rather than its working title.

(Largely it's because I like the format of T__UL. I mean, TBOUL, TEFUL, TKOUL all lead up to TNOUL. Don't mock me.)