Kingdom Heart 3D - Traverse Town - #1 District
Let's make 3D  Kingdom Heart - (Traverse Town, District 1)

Firstly, for those who are wondering who are the 2 people on the thumbnail, They are Edward and Edwind, we both are 3D Craft creator :D

HEY!! Thank you for visiting on this link. take a moment to read for a GREAT NEWS! We'd like to announce that we are working with our very first project to build a 3D building based on video games and anime. The first project we make is based on video game called Kingdom Heart, and we are so excited to complete our project by July 5th or 6th.

We also give some opportunities for those who want to participate or become contributors for our first project by pledging with any amount of pledge ($1 or more). 

P.S. we'll post our progress with pictures once or twice every 2 days. we'll also be active creating 3D craft along with tutorials too. Look forward to it and support us ^_^ 

we appreciate your supports

here is the link if you want to see how your name would be on the credit video