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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Part 1-3!
What's up guys!! Dylon here back with a vengeance! 

So here's the lowdown, I'm finally starting my long-awaited Kingdom Hearts Let's Play based on the meaningless twitter poll I did the other day.

Big shout out yet again to my amazing editor Gabby! Go support her Patreon and watch her LP's if you like quality entertainment!

Check 'em out playas...

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix:

Part 1: Simple and Bean

Part 2: Johnny Bravo Doll

Part 3: The Existential Nightmare

As a little hint for my next Co-Op LP, Amy and I decided Until Dawn would be a fun game to play together and it one my second twitter poll as well! So we'll be doing that sometime soon. Everyone can thank Gabby for suggesting I use my old microphone to record Amy on a separate track so she'll actually be audible. Woo! 

I can't thank you guys enough for supporting me the way you do. Now I just have to think of a system for the Patreon streams.. Sorry if you are wondering what your tier rewards are going towards if I haven't been doing streams but I'll think of a nice way to work it all in. Thanks again for your patience for that stuff.

See ya next time for more mediocre videos!

<3 Dylan "Dylon" Saramago