Kingdom Hearts Sora Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Hi guys~! Still working on our super secret project! (okay, secret's out now... but still.)

I stitched this back in 2009 as a gift for a friend who was super obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. The picture was also taken back then and it's several states away so I can't get you a better one, but you get the idea. Just shows you how long I've been making patterns. Phew!

I, however, had not played the games. At all. Until last week. (I'm still not done with the first one...)  But since I finally got around to playing it, and they just announced the release date for KH3 a few days after, I thought it'd be relevant to post this now. ;)

This pattern has actually been available for free on my old crafting site for ages now, but I redid the PDF so it's much easier to read and has both color and black and white options for you. Yay!

This is based on the original pixel art by Abysswolf, so credit for the design itself goes to him. I just made it into a pattern. He's got lots of great pixel art that have been made into cross stitches and perler projects by fans for years. So make sure you check him out.

Now that I'm playing through the series maybe I'll be inspired enough to actually make some original designs. Hmmm. We'll see.

In the meantime, Enjoy <3

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