Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Parts 31-33! + Nuzlocke!
What's up, people?!

You can't respond to me because I'm writing this hours before you will actually respond. I should say, while on the subject. Leave a comment on these posts. Let me know what you're excited for, what you want to see, or just how you're doing. You guys are supporting me so much every month, I want to hear from you! Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated!

So last week I mentioned I'd be continuing the Nuzlocke due to recent feedback and I instantly got hyped for it! I started editing the day after I made the last Patreon post and we're almost done with the footage from 2014! I can't freakin' believe that was recorded over 2 years ago. And I can't believe it took me until 2015 to give up haha! It's a lot of work to edit those! To break down and episode, it's as followed;

6th Pokemon Level/Name (Changes with every level!)

6th Pokemon PNG (Sprite from Pokemon Trozei, Changes only when they evolve, not mega evolve)

6th Pokeball (Changes pattern with whatever pokeball they were caught with)

5th Pokemon Level/Name

5th Pokemon PNG

5th Pokemon Pokeball

4th Pokemon Level/Name

4th Pokemon PNG

4th Pokemon Pokeball

3rd Pokemon Level/Name

3rd Pokemon PNG

3rd Pokemon Pokeball

2nd Pokemon Level/Name

2nd Pokemon PNG

2nd Pokemon Pokeball

1st Pokemon Level/Name

1st Pokemon PNG

1st Pokemon Pokeball

Badge 1

Badge 2

Badge 3


Frame (Blue overlay)

Top Screen (resized to fit the big section in the frame)

Touch Screen (resized as well to fit the bottom section)

Stream Audio (Has both Game and Mic audio mixed into one so it's very difficult to mix the sound)

I've since mastered the art of "Nesting" in Premiere where I can group a few tracks together to make it easier on me. I've got each Pokemon separately nested and the badges+frame nested together. Makes it a whole shit ton simpler to edit.

Anyway, the release schedule for Nuzlocke will be Friday,  Saturday, Sunday. Sometimes there might not be a 3rd episode, that depends on how long the recording session was.

Enough Nuzlocke talk, I put out that Harry Potter Onesie I've been going on about for so long! Hope you guys enjoyed that, I think it's my best one yet.

And FINALLY for Kingdom Hearts, we cleaned up some extra shit as well as progressed into the End of the World! Next week we'll be tackling some secret bosses and crying! 

Here are a few video links for you to chew on!

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix;

Part 31: Reunited and it Feels So Good

Part 32: Rare Nuts

Part 33: Armageddon

Pokemon X Nuzlocke;

Part 23

Part 24


Harry Potter (PC: 2001)

I sincerely hope you enjoy these ones, have a great day! Don't forget to leave comments here, and on the videos you like to let me know you like them! It helps me steer the direction of my work and channel!

<3 Dylan "Dylon" Saramago

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