Kingdom of Darkness Demo Release!
The Demo Release has arrived.
The Demo was finished on 20/07/16 which I did not
release then as I stated the release would be today on 21/07/16,
I now present to you, The Sparterrian Production first project "Kingdom of Darkness"

Please note this is a "Free" demo release, so there will be no special addons or feature's
that will show future content in the game, This is a Demo of the Story and combat.
I would like to thank two people who helping me with Stress Testing this game
and for also trying to voice the character's however since I need to convert the Voice's I will not be able to add the voice's in this project.

Valder - DragonLand Administration
Kat - DragonLand Administration

Maybe one day when I have backer's and Patreon's that are supporting my project I would be able to get the required programs to get more of the stuff I would of like to get done, sadly this is not the case.

This has not stopped the Release at all, in fact is saves time having to make sure the sounds work in order.

So without delay, here the link to the download.

Please do not reupload anywhere else without concent.
Any and all third party download site's are not to be trusted as they may contain unknown programs, use only the one's that is Linked from Steam or from Sparterrian Production Patreon page, If there is a said third party download site please report it.

If you have any issuies with the download please place your comment's.
Please remember to read the Read Me, There is a Link placed in there should you require the RTP
to run this game. The one you are wanting to download is the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP.

Revos Kalosa
Founder and Head of Sparterrian Production