Kirby - FAST FACTS! amigos! I've been working on a lot of doodles for the upcoming sketchbook, made the first Vlog public (another one coming soon!) and working on an animation about a silly traumatizing event I had as a kid. It's about DONUTS! I was hoping to have it out by now but I've had the rug swept from under my feet over the weekend. I'll explain in the upcoming Edvlog. Last week the Fast Facts I worked on was released! It's about Kirby! On top of that I'm also whipping up another Lore for the Lore channel that will be up this Monday! Thanks for hanging in there! I hope to get my new cartoon up by next Friday! I'll be posting it on Patreon first, then Newgrounds, and then Youtube the following week. I might just end up posting the animatic on here later tomorrow so you can check out my work flow! :D Oh my goodness, $129 per cartoon! That's almost half-way to the weekly comics!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH EVERYBODY!!!! I'll see you in a bit! :D
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