Kirby Food Free Cross Stitch Patterns
Just a quick freebie pattern this week.
Well, 6 of them technically. Some of the more iconic food items from the Kirby series.

These are sprite rips from Kirby Super Star. 4 of them have been tested, but I don't have the pancakes or bananas on hand to take photos of, sorry.

I might stitch them up before TwitchCon and take new photos though. We'll see.

Speaking of photos, I took a LOT of photos this weekend of stuff I still have on hand. So I've updated the photos for some of my past posts as well as my Etsy listings. Wheee.

You'll probably see those photos being posted to Twitter/Instagram in the coming month or two as well. ;)

I hope you like them.
I feel like my product photography has come a long way in the last year. I'm still learning, but I'm happy with my progress at least. <3

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