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Kirby Krackle - Frank The Pocket (Murder Mix) - Patreon Single 2015
Sometimes in the studio...things happen. Things not meant for human consumption (like songs about pockets?) but still birthed into the universe for a reason. You might have heard rumors of a "Frank The Pocket (Murder Mix)" floating around the internet and KK social media posts, and though I can neither confirm or deny that, I do know that is that being a member of the KK Music Fan Club has exclusive perks. Say such a new mix and master of "Frank The Pocket" was posted here for fans only. Let's also just say it would be fun to entertain the idea of the "Murder Mix" being real. You could almost say it wasn't meant for public display, but only in the dark corners of the internet (like here) would it be accepted to shine through and be embraced as it should in a perfect world. Sometimes the double-rainbow is only meant for a few of us true believers. If the first single for April was to be a new "Frank The Pocket (Murder Mix)", I suppose one could say that this would be the place to do it. Hmmm. Maybe someday... KS