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Kirby Krackle - Churros - Patreon Fan Club Single November 2015
I hope everyone (and their grandma) had a great Thanksgiving! 

My family is in town this week and with a full house we've been having a great time especially with the visit from my new three month-old little niece and all the baby worshipping that comes with that. I'd say she's pretty cool except that so far she's thrown up all over my furniture a few times, wakes everyone up screaming in the middle of the night, soils herself every few hours and expects her parents to help change her...basically she needs to get her life together and start making better personal choices. Also, she's the only one who hasn't chipped in for dinner or house supplies yet. 

So far, I'm unimpressed.

That aside, this months second single came from a brain storming my dad and I had sitting at the breakfast table regarding how I should do an Adele parody of her new hit song, "Hello". Adele rules, and such a serious song needed a fun version I felt that combined ridiculousness with her earnest delivery. My first version was from the perspective of a waffle-fry and a kind of solidarity amongst the fried-food community...hey, you pay me for this stuff so don't hate the game. 

The final version you hear here came to me in the shower and was the only thing that rhymed with the "Hello" hook that made me laugh. The rest? Well, a melodic crime against god documenting my love of the Mexican traditional pastry, and like in Adele's version, a yearning of love lost only in this one all the churros I've sent to the other side (no pun intended) that might haunt me from the great beyond. 

So far, this fan club seems to have a lot of songs about 1. Ghosts, and 2. Fried Foods.

I do have my priorities, it seems. 

Hugs and butt slaps,



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