Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club 2nd Anniversary Chain Song Challenge.
Dudes...August marks the 2nd Anniversary of the Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club on Patreon. "We stared from the bottom now we here..."!

To celebrate all the fun we've had and support you've given me over the past two years I decided that for the first time ever I'll be giving an official writing credit on a Kirby Krackle song to someone other than myself...and that someone is YOU.

"SCORE! Um, what does that mean?"

Well, the video above explains that starting today until the deadline of August 15th you the loyal Kracklehead have the opportunity to participate in what I'm calling the Chain Song Challenge. You can see that I've started the lyrics below in the comment thread to what will be the second single for August...and I need you to help me finish it! Based on a first come first serve basis in terms of  lyrical structure, Fan Club members have the chance to write the narrative with me based on the comments listed before them. 

The Rules:

 - There are a lot of us, so please limit your contribution to one phrase or sentence. 

- Put some thought into it...where is the story going and what would my contribution for either a killer line or twist do to make this song awesome? 

- Keep it klassy with a K...the Fan Club has members of all ages so let's keep it appropriate for the kiddos. Kids are twisted though, so that doesn't mean any less fun!

I have no idea what this song will be about or what style I'll be rocking for it until we hit the end date and I start working away on August 15th so you know as much as I do how this will turn out. Your ideas will be a huge part in develpoing it though, that much is guaranteed. 

I'm excited to see what you all come up with and I hope everyone will want to contribute to make this the craziest (or most awesome?) song for the Fan Club yet!

Blowing out two candles with all of you,