Kirt's fifth testimony

"What the hell did that mark on my elbow mean? I don't usually look at my elbow, but I don't remember having that mark, however small. Had those strange doctors just made it to me? That sense of panic was chilling late at night. Unfortunately with all the fuss I had forgotten to activate the video camera and sound recorder, my intention was to wake up before dark, so there was no way to prove that this hadn't been a dream.

Between terror and rage to know what the hell was going on, I dared to go out of the house, looking for explanation. I took the video camera and a craft knife if it was necessary to defend myself, I was beginning to think that someone was playing a witless joke on me. I sat down in a lawn chair in front of those marks on the ground. I began to fear for anything in the middle of that silence, but my mind was already so confused that I could face the fear. Hours passed while I watched the stars, it is something that everyone should do more often. And suddenly I realized a star moving at a constant speed without changing its straight path. I thought it could be a satellite, I had heard about it. But the star stopped and began to shine more than usual to become three points of light that they were separating each other slowly. There, in a few miles above a deep grove, three lights formed a triangle in the sky. Then the lights disappeared after falling on the trees. Horrified, I began to think the worst... that was an unidentified flying object and probably the night before it had landed just in the place front of me.

I could have stayed there, I could have come into home and locked myself in my room, I had already something to show, I had recorded that strange lights.

But I didn't stay there.

What does fear mean? Is it really necessary to face? How it would be to live without fear of anything? Later, that night I lived the most shocking moment of my life..."

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