Kismet scheduling
I'm kicking around an idea. Let me see what you all think.

I'm wondering if it would work better to publish Kismet pages in monthly batches rather than one a week. Weekly pages are slow for a comic as plot-intensive as Kismet, and I know that, but I don't seem to be able to do the 2-page-a-week schedule I used to be able to.

I think the scenes would be easier to read in batches of around 4-6 pages at a time (which is how I tend to write them anyway). It'd also give me a little more freedom to play around with looser page layouts, since at the page-a-week rate, I don't really want to give you too many pages where there's not much happening.

There are a couple potential problems. One is that it is, I assume, easier for readers to remember to check back every Monday than once a month. To help with that, I could set up a mailing list to send out reminders when the pages are up, and of course I'd post a notice on Patreon.

The other thing is that I'm not sure how well batches of multiple pages are going to work with Tumblr, and particularly with the Tumblr theme I'm using right now. I'll have to look into whether I'd still be able to update on Tumblr or would need to move back to doing it on the permanent website archive.

One big advantage, other than the comic being a smoother and less choppy read in batches of pages rather than one a week, is that I think I'd probably be able to give you more pages. With the weekly schedule, I tend to get in a habit of doing the week's page at the last minute, and never really get ahead. However, it's more efficient for me to work in batches, especially when I'm coloring. (It probably only takes about 1.5x as long to color two pages at once than one page, as opposed to 2x as long to color two pages in separate coloring sessions …) So my hope is that if I had more freedom to arrange the artwork around my monthly schedule, and got in a habit of working in batches, I'd end up doing more pages per month.

And if it flops utterly -- if no one can remember to check the site, if I only end up doing 2 pages a month, etc -- I can always go back to the old schedule after a couple of months.

But what do you think? If everyone hates the idea, I won't do it. I'd like to try it, though.