Kittens, Server, Comics and Videos, OH MY!
I'll give you the bad news first, because it was only very bad this morning. I found a kitten almost frozen to death on the steps this morning. 

Not going to lie, I prayed like crazy, called my grandmother and mother, and with my aunt there as well we managed to pull the little guy through. I'm still not done praying. Between thank you and help me more this little guy has gotten a lot of intense prayer.

Because he's still very weak and sick and lethargic I am gobbing to spend the night at my folks nursing him and helping him until my dad can take over in the morning.

Thank goodness tomorrow is the Sabbath... (My religious day of rest) so I can just snooze and hang out with the baby and keep an eye on the other rescue - Jazzy. 

Who we are now trying to ween. She is not very pleased about that. 

So the bad news was the emergency, but the good news is:

I think the little guy will pull through, given enough one one one care. And I can definitely do that for the next 24 hours!

And then father's day is here. My bro will be in town and we will do the stuff with dad things and I will keep caring for our new charge.

And then Monday will be here. The day I am suposed to have a new comic up. 




Let me add that Monday I ALSO have two awesome things scheduled: Recording another awesome art-cast with VivArts, and recording some Minecraft Let's plays with her as well. That's right... more minecraft from me!

I am SUPER excited about more minecraft! And this is just for fun, playing and recording just to share with you guys.

So Monday I will not be getting a comic page up. 

The rest of the week I'll be working on editing the podcast and Let's plays AND....

Working on an all new, Patreon only, Minecraft server! I haven't got a lot I can say about that yet, but I will say it will be SORT OF related to Belle. 

Kind of like the same way the Flintstones and the Jetsons are related.

So, while there will be no new comic page next week (Remember, we are done with our month of double uploads) there is a lot in the works for the future.

Please, say a prayer for our little kitten.

~ Me