Kitties in the brain ; )
Here are the ceramic flat kitties that I made in this week's class.  The clay comes in a big bag of 20lbs. A piece is rolled out in a slab press and then I placed the stencils (that I cut out this wknd) to guide my knife as I cut through the wet clay. It will sit out for about a week to dry and then will be fired and ready to paint on. 

I got a small set of underglaze colors and have no idea how these will turn out. I'm hoping that eventually I can make simple  forms like  tiles, plates, vases and banks with elaborate patterns. I'm mostly interested in flat surfaces for now but eventually I would like to make figurines in porcelain. I found a place near by that works with porcelain and the owner is willing to teach me mold making. I'm kind of (really) excited about that! ; ) 

The image above is a sketch done on my ipad just trying to come up with some testing patterns. If and when I like a pattern, I will make it a repeat pattern which takes some finagling with. 

Card update -
The Calico cards are in but they have some issues. I think I can pull a few out that are ok and will be sending them out soon. Thanks for your patience with your card subscriptions. I am planning on ordering a new design soon. I think the problem with this image is the flat blacks. The printer just can't handle so much flat black. Not sure we are going to try it again. I'm thinking it's time to move on to another image. 

Paintings -
My Muse and Ice Skater are so close to being done. I am itching to start a new painting. There's lots of ideas but haven't configured something solid yet. If nothing come in the next week or two I might just have to pick up something and go with it.

Hope you are having a great week!