Kitty Banks
Happy Wknd! : )

Here's another project I've been working on. Learning how to hand build forms. I wasn't sure if this should be a vase or bank. Looked up bank plugs and found some on etsy. I've also been playing with the shade of blue green by mixing my own. Will see how it turns out once fired. Also, decided to just carve designs on the leather hard still damp surface. I tried waiting for different drynesses to show how well the carving went. The driest one was better I think because the clay that came off was more crumbly and broke off in smaller particles which gave a cleaner line, I think, but wont know for sure until it's fired which one I like. 

This week was a good week. Got to paint! work on ceramics, walked 5x, found a new writing & illustrators critique group, and we working on a print order today for a new shop in town. : )

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing wknd!