We had an awesome day in Portland today! There were some long term goals that I’ve been working on that got checked off my list today. 

My husband, Daniel and I had never gotten wedding bands since our wedding day on August 31st of 2001. At first we couldn’t afford it, but later is was  more about not being able to agree on a design. Recently, I found a jeweler on Etsy, located in Portland, where we found the perfect wedding bands for our 15th year anniversary!  We picked them up today and I got to look at a bunch of gems to pick out for the engagement/anniversary companion ring.

Then, we headed to the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, where I dropped off a print
 of “Mr. Hyde” and an assortment of cat greeting cards for their annual  fundraiser early next year. We also discussed my future cat show ( not decided where yet) and my interest in donating to them via percentage of print sales. They gladly agreed to help promote it and to just let them know when it gets closer… gulp!!

Then we headed over to the first cat cafe in the Pacific Northwest called Purringtons Cat Lounge. We had a snack and played with lots of kitties in the cafe. I had emailed images of my cat paintings to them a few months ago and agreed to stop by and drop them off as samples. I dropped off two of each and she was more than happy to put them out on display to see how they do. She suspects they will do well and will be placing an order soon. Yay! ; )

Toby got a pretty smart bow tie from Purringtons too!

Having the possibility of having the endorsement of two wonderful cat organizations would be pretty darn amazing!

Here’s a funky wee painting that I think I might call “Tom Boy.”  She's still needs some highlights and whiskers. It's 4x6". Again, I have no idea where these are heading but they are sure fun to paint! : )

Happy Labor Day Wknd!!!

<3 nancy