[KK] MoreAccessories 1.0.2

This doesn't come as a surprise coming from me, does it? Yes, turns out MoreAccessories had remaining bugs (I'm pretty sure you've all noticed).
Anyway, let's see what was fixed:

What's new?

- UI problems related to its size and position fixed.
- Fixed several bugs that would prevent the UI from updating correctly.
- Fixed a bug that would actually change the accessories in a clothing set upon switchting from set to set (yeah, I know, scary).

Known issues:
- The free christmas update broke it! I'm sorry, I wonte be able to fix that right away, please stay tuned for a fix.


Version 1.0.2 (Mega) 

And that's it! I really really hope those were the last problems.
I'd like to thank Yata once more for his awesome pics! The preview one has 5 characters who respectively have 21, 167, 45, 18 and 43 accessories (from left to right).
Also, a big thanks to all those who helped me test the plugin at the Koikatsu! Discord, you're all amazing!
Finally, one last comparison made by Yata: without and with MoreAccessories!

Enjoy everyone! (And please don't send more bugs my way I beg you)