[KK] KKPE 1.1.0
It's an update for KKPE. I guess we can say that Illusion forced me to release it since the old version became "incompatible" with the newest CharaStudio update. Anyway, here's the changelog:

What's new ?

- General optimizations, you might be able to see some improvements when several characters are in a scene.

- The "KKPE" button was put higher so it doesn't overlap in the new buttons added by the 0831v2 update

- Right clicking on the button can now toggle the Advanced Mode.

- A new "Copy to FK" button is available under the Dynamic Bones tab. This allows you to transfer the state of certain dynamic bones to their respective FK nodes. This feature is not 100% accurate and unfortunately, I cannot fix it.


Version 1.1.0 (Mega) 

PS: Thanks again to Hyperdrive for the preview (yeah I know, it's the same as before).

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