I'm back and I've got some very good news: HSUS has been adapted for Koi (for those who don't know what this is, well, read this post and you'll know).

What does this mod do?

- This mod is a compilation of mini mods that aim to increase the quality of life in the main game and CharaStudio.


Here is a list of features you can find in this plugin:

- Being able to scale the UI in the main game and CharaStudio.

- Adds a confirmation dialog when trying to delete an object in CharaStudio (to avoid mistakes and frustrations).

- Search bars in the chara maker.

- Changing the default male/female characters in the chara maker.

- Search bar for items and characters in CharaStudio.

- Negative item scaling in CharaStudio.

- Auto joint correction.

- Eyes blink off by default in CharaStudio

- All postprocessing effects (screen effects) can be disabled by default as well.

- Camera speed modifiers.


Make sure you have the latest version of BepInEx and the latest version of the BepisPlugins collection.


Version 1.0.0 (Mega) 


Just put KKUS.dll in your "BepInEx" folder


Remove KKUS.dll and the folder KKUS from your "BepInEx" folder

How to use it?

The mod doesn't require the user to do anything. However, if you don't like a certain feature, you can just disable it in the file "BepInEx/KKUS/config.xml".

This file is created when you launch the game or CharStudio once and then close it.

For example, if you want to disable the confirmation dialog upon deleting an item in  CharStudio, replace "<deleteConfirmation enabled="true" />" by "<deleteConfirmation enabled="false" />".

DISCLAIMER: As I said earlier, this plugin was originally made for HS. Because of that, I simply decided for the two plugins to share a common code base. This means that certain option names might not make a lot of sense anymore (like "optimizeCharaMaker", I'm actually not optimizing anything). Yes, I know, I could have changed the option names and all but I also wanted to keep code changes to a minimum. Anyway, be sure to read everything, I'm going to explain all the options.

Chara Maker Search Bars

Yes, as the name suggests, it adds search bars to the character window and to the coordinate window. If you don't like that (wait really?), you can remove them by disabling the option "optimizeCharaMaker" in the config file.

UI Scale

The UI scale is set to 1 by default, if you want to scale it up or down, just change the "scale" values in the configuration file to something more to your liking.

Normal CharaStudio:

Scaled down CharaStudio :

(Disclaimer: I didn't test this everywhere in the main game, so you might experience weird stuff if you scale down the main game. CharaStudio is fine)

Confirmation dialog on delete

This is what it looks like:

Changing the default characters

In the configuration file, you need to replace the value "path" in the line "<default(Fe)maleChar path="" />" by the name of your card.

So, for example: "<defaultFemaleChar path="" />" becomes "<defaultFemaleChar path="Koikatu_F_20180209120200670.png" />"

Chara Studio optimizations

This feature does two things:

  • Adds a search bar for items/characters/coordinates.
  • Caches UI elements in those lists: this means that when you're going to a certain category, the list will be generated only once and then kept into memory. To be honest, this is way more useful in HS considering the amount of studio items this game has, but I still decided to include it here, for the future.

Improved Transform Operations

Adds the possibility to copy the position/rotation/scale of an object and paste it to a group of object. Very useful for moving one or several objects to a precise position at once.

Also enables negative scale values for objects in CharaStudio, useful for making symmetrical stuff.

Auto Joint Correction

This one is pretty obvious if you ask me: it enables joint correction automatically when you load a new character.

This will not affect your previous scenes.

Postprocessing State

This features allows you to choose which screen effect you want enabled or disabled by default. Everything takes place in the configuration file as usual.

Camera Speed Shortcuts

If enabled, the Left Shift and Left Control keys now act as live modifiers for the camera speed (Shift for speeding up, Control slowing down).

Finally, I'd like to thank the user Hyperdrive for the main preview!

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