KKManager v0.23.0 - Now with HoneyCoom support

Mod, plugin and card manager for games by Illusion (now known as Illgames). It includes an automatic mod updater.

What's new?


Since v0.21.0 the mod updater has P2P support - it allows clients to send parts of the update between each other so that the download speed stays high even if there are many people updating at the same time.
P2P transfers can be turned on/off in the Mod updater > P2P setttings menu (KKManager will ask if P2P should be enabled first time an update is started).
Warning: This feature is still in beta and can have issues. If your update gets stuck on 0 B/s or otherwise fails to download, try turning P2P off.

View full changelog and past versions

How to use

If you want to update your existing KKManager you can watch this video guide.

  1. Download the latest release below
  2. Either overwrite your old KK Manager installation (usually inside a "[UTILITY] KKManager" folder in your game directory),
    or extract it to a new folder anywhere outside your game directory (do not extract the manager directly anywhere in your game directory).
  3. Start KKManager.exe, create a shortcut to it if you want.
  4. If the game directory was not automatically detected, select where you installed the game.

If there are any mod updates available, the update menu button on top will turn green after a while. You can click it without waiting to check for updates immediately.

If you're a patron and have issues connecting to the update servers, or the update speed is very slow, check this post for an alternative update source.

View source code and submit bug reports/feedback

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