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Klungo's Theme - Banjo Tooie
Hey everyone! New video! :D 

This time I'm back with some good old fun & catchy Banjo Tooie music! I know I'm doing quite a lot of Banjo music recently but Banjo rush #2 is almost over now. One more song coming for the Halloween period and then I'll be doing other stuff! :D 

Oh and speaking of other stuff..! I have a pretty special non-Banjo video coming next week for a song that many people requested.! Keep an eye out for that, I might be teasing here & there on Twitter during the week so stay tuned! I think it's gonna be great.

So guys, I hope you're going to enjoy this Banjo Tooie cover and I'll see you next week with some good stuff! ^^

Take care,

- Gab