Knee support review

Product: McDavid Knee support with open patella

At first glance:

At first the knee support was like any other, light weight but thick and properly built. The nylon facings help keeps it snug, and the support helps retain heat so the knee can heal and recover. The price was a reasonable $35 dollars before tax giving a customer to be able to afford 2 for the price of most higher cost knee supports that do the same as the McDavid brand.

After a full day: 

when I fist put the brace on it was a little snug as it should be, and took a little adjustment to make sure it was sitting properly. The usual airsoft ritual of warm up walking and gearing up gave the brace time to settle for final adjustments. The braces ‘heating’ properties kept my knee in a constant warmed up state, the heavy-duty neoprene keeping me secured and stable. 

During the first two games I tried different things, heavy rushing, prone crawling and everything between. Later in the day after a few rush and defence games I sat down and slid the brace down, my knee was far less tired and sore then it usually was by lunch time. By end of day and packing up my knee was far less sore then usual making the drive home much more relaxed.

Final words: I had my doubts and reservations, but after a full day of use I am glad to be wrong. I would strongly suggest this for any one who needs a budget brace but can preform well for Airsoft or Paintball, the free mobility would make it a great choice for cyclists as well.