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Knight of Oak - Thank god he's finished!
Okay, so ever have one of those days?  And by those days I mean 'something's wrong with the potty' days?  I had the underpainting done on this guy and was planning on working on him today and tomorrow when there was water... and... unpleasantness.  The friend I'm staying with has an old old house and apparently the ancient plumbing underneath is picking different areas to give up the ghost and collapse... Gah!

Anyway, I after a visit from the plumber I got on the stick and finished him because from tomorrow at 7am to whenever they get done the plumber and his crew of pipe archeologists are coming in to attack the problem (and chase me out of the basement where I work!) Happy Labor Day! Considering what my friends and family are dealing with back home in Texas I am so NOT complaining! :)