Knot Me!


{An Original Composition}

There's so much that you've stated;
There's so much you've left unsaid.
A tightly webbed entanglement,
Of strong, yet silk-thin thread.
With time I will unravel;
I'll weave and knit and mend;
Releasing every 'knot' within
The messages you send.
Just know our God has heard you;
Of this much be assured!
In darkness, He shines brighter still
And will not be obscured!
My heart is like a basket;
Labeled: "Drop your troubles here!"
When you feel so far from love
That's when you're that more near.
A journey of a million miles,
Starts with just one forward step!
There will be times of weariness;
Some days absent of their "pep."
Together we can more endure,
Apart we all fall frail;
Finding that we find success
In accepting we may fail.