Ko-Fi Sketch: Merman Keith & Knight Shiro AU

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Keith, a beautiful and exotic merman, is the King's most prized possession while Shiro is a knight bound to the King...

Despite all odds and the dangers it would entail for the both of them, the pair fell in love.

Soon, Shiro concocted a plan to free the captured merman and to runaway with his love. Sadly, the King caught wind of his plan and ordered Shiro to be sent to the front of the battle.

Before leaving, Shiro made a promise to return for Keith. To take him away from his prison and to live happily somewhere they can be together for as long as they can.

Keith smiled, teary but determined. He told Shiro that all he needed was for Shiro to come back alive and well.

Keith would wait for him no matter how long it would take. All he needed was for Shiro to come back to him.

Shiro swears by his sword and his love for Keith. He would return to his mate no matter what.

The King was confident that Shiro wouldn't came back alive. He was proven wrong when the word was sent that the stubborn and persistent knight led the previously losing army front to victory.

Suddenly enraged, the King took out his anger on his once favorite toy...

Keith struggled and fought viciously against the King but in the end, there was only so much he could do being away from him element for such a long period of time.

He knew Shiro would return soon. He had to wait, no matter what he had to...


The King soon grew tired of tormenting Keith. He left the merman to die with barely enough water to survive and locked him up deep in the castle dungeons.

He could always replace the creature with something else. One far more beautiful and rare, the King thought.

A weary Shiro comes back, an arm missing and with more scars littering his body, only to find his lover half-dead inside the castle dungeons.

Livid beyond belief, the knight goes mad with rage and storms out of the castle with his beloved, cutting down anyone who dare stop him.

Guard after guard fell with just one slash from the Champion.

Blood spilled from his newly manifested arm, made of shadows and dripping with malice, a cursed arm. His other one, natural and human-like, craddled his mate protectively. His lover who laid still, cold and limp.

That day, as the Dark Champion disappeared through the night, the once prosperous kingdom fell into ruin. A curse befell the King and his people. Numerous plagues, droughts, and famine destroyed the city.

News travelled far and travelled fast. Soon, the disgraced kingdom became a taboo people did not speak of. The people stayed away from the place in fear of being cursed as well. Eventually, it was forgotten and erased from the maps.

As for the knight and his merman...

No one ever knew what happened to them after. Nobody ever saw them again.

Some say the knight killed himself in grief. While others thought that the curse swallowed them up as well. Some hoped that they somehow survived and found peace somewhere...


Inside a cottage on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, a soft humming can be heard followed by a splash.

The interior of the small cottage was quaint and well lived in. The lights were dim but bright enough to reflect on a man made pool at the center of the room.

Webbed fingers trailed off a man's scarred chest before its hand was taken away from its exploration, craddled in a much larger hand.

Gray eyes studdied the deceptively delicate fingers before it trailed to the creature's pale arm.

"You seemed to have healed up nicely, love."

The merman hummed softly in agreement.

"It was because you did a good job taking care of me."

"None of this would've happened in the first place if I just--"

Keith shook his head and silenced the man with a look, silently scolding his lover's train of thought.

"None of that matters now, what matters most to me is that you kept your promise and I kept mine," Keith smiled and Shiro was taken aback. The former knight was left breathless over how beautiful his mate was. So precious.

He almost lost him... almost.

"I told you didn't I? I told you that I would wait for you no matter how long it would take..."

NOTES: Wooot, this turned dark real quick... bad writting fingers, bad! Sorry about that... Kinda don't know how to finish it.

If people would like to have a good ending for this, I might finish it up with a good ending epilogue... otherwise its gonna end this way...?? I think 😂

UPDATE: Just posted the good end for the story! Let it be known the y'all were saved from the angst by a Ko-Fi request for a good ending~

It was sorta anonymous so I dunno who the savior is 😅

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