Kobo Promo Details & Analysis (Updated June 22, 2018)
Today (May 28th) I started a $10 CAD Kobo Promo via their FREE eBOOKS page for a book that is perma-free.

I am putting together a detailed analysis of the status of the book (and the other books in the rest of the "series" which will be available in detail to all Patreon supporters.

Yes, I will talk about and share the promo via updates on the weekly podcast, but to ensure Patreon supporters are getting value for their investment, there'll be a Powerpoint document that outlines all the details and analysis. It is currently 26 pages, but should be about 30 when I am done this over the next 6 weeks.

* please note that these are all stand-alone titles that are linked as a "short stories" collection and are only as much a part of a "series" as a television program like BLACK MIRROR or TWILIGHT ZONE are part of a series. So the "series" link in this case will be a really hard sell, unlike a continuing character series

Beginning status:  

  • 5 downloads, no reviews on Book 1 (Night Cries)
  • 0 sales, no reviews on Book 2 (Ode to Classics)


  • Reviews (yes, 1 is better than none)
  • Sales of Book 2 (yes, 1 is better than none)
  • Ideally, earning back the investment of $10 CAD is a good milestone

The goals and the promotion itself is modest, but I am adding all the details, the before, the during and the after, so help other authors better understand how this promo works, or perhaps how it doesn't work.

You can then learn from anything I do well, but also learn from my mistakes.

UPDATE AS OF JUNE 11, 2018 - 2 WEEKS after Promo began 

  • 1 Review and 2 Ratings (tiny goal achieved)
  • Sold 1 copy of Book 2 (tiny goal achieved)
  • Haven't yet earned back the $10 spent

UPDATE ON JUNE 22, 2018 - 3 Weeks Later 

  • No change from above
  • Daily average on Kobo still between 8 and 10 
  • Starting to see sales on OTHER platforms, noteably, with no promo and only 8 downloads of Vol 1 on iBooks, 2 sales of Vol 2 and 2 sales of Vol 3
  • Started BookBub Ads targeting Kobo, Apple, Nook, Google Play and Kindle to test and measure results

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