🍦 Koikatu 4.1 - 250+ Mods - AIO-Pack 🍦 FREE

After some time it's here 🍦.

 Changelog 4.1:

  • Fixed Ram-Leak [As best as I could]
  • Fixed External Char Editor not working correct [ Reported by @Staffu]
  • Fixed Cards & New Cards by ImperialPenguin, Akreli
  • Added 2 Mods
  • Updated some stuff & Fixed some bugs

Changelog 4.0:

  • Updated Translations
  • Updated Plugins
  • Updated Mods
  • New Mods (Around 250 now)
  • Improved Plugin Settings
  • Improved Stability
  • More "Lore" friendly Cards.

Koikatu 4.1 - FlashBangZ.7z [Password: FlashBangZ]
Sharing Info: Do NOT share this download outside of this page, do NOT create mirrors anywhere else. I've received multiple complains about infected Versions. 
DOWNLOAD INFO: If you can't proceed because you get re-directed all the time, don't spam the comment section. Over 15K People downloaded the Free Versions already, so it's not a broken link.


  •  My Char Editor loading takes a really long time [Solution: Wait for an update for Sideloader]
  •   I have Micro-Stutter while running around [Solution: Delete "KKABMPlugin.dll" in BepInEx [That will disable Bonemod though]] 
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