Kombi Give-Away UPDATE
When we give away our Kombi later this year we are going to pay forward 25% of the money received to Charity*. 

We asked you guys who should receive this donation?  Some suggestions for charities have been made so far, although all good causes are 'good causes' none of them really resonate with us...

We're still open to suggestions but we'd also like to hear what you think about something a few of you have suggested:

What if we started a Kombi Life Charity Fund with this money and then spent it on helping the people that we meet in our next adventure. It would enable us to give something back to people in need that we meet on the road and also give us some pretty cool footage to be able to share with you. This way we have more content for our future videos and we all get to see what happens to the money in a completely 100% transparent way. 

 Hopefully once people see what we are doing with our own money, they will be encouraged to top up the fund which will allow us to help even more people down the road. It would be a lot more work than just giving it to an existing charity, but we think that it would be a worthwhile use of our time on this planet.

Please vote, comments and suggestions welcomed and encouraged!

* For each dollar donated to keeping our wheels rolling we give you one chance to win our Kombi and pay forward 25c to make the world a better place :)