The Komodo Kerfluffle
In 1986, Ronald Reagan went on a trip to the Indonesian island of Bali. It was not exactly a relaxing vacation: in his capacity as President of the United States, he had to attend the ASEAN Ministerial meeting, greet the vice president of the Philippines, and the president of Indonesia.

That second meeting is where things get interesting. President Suharto gave Reagan a pair of Komodo dragons as a gift. The largest lizards in the world they were a bit of a problem to deal with, diplomatically, since all gifts to the president of the United States are accepted on behalf of the people of the United States, and donated to the National Archives. Librarians aren't equipped to take care of giant lizards. In the end, it was decided to donate them to the National Zoo in Washington, DC. A nice breeding pair, the two komodo dragons produced a couple little komodo dragons and generally caused no more trouble.

Four years later in 1990, Suharto gave President George H.W. Bush the same gift. It went so well the first time, right? But plans to have them breed were scrapped when caretakers realized they were both male! Oops.

Fun fact: one of the komodo dragons given to Bush Sr. was actually the oldest and largest komodo dragon in the western hemisphere!