A-kon Victory, and Patreon from here <3
Patreon rewards are quite behind, I will start catch up in that NEXT WEEK! 

I will also rework Patreon this month to affect it going forward.

New Tiers will likely to be:

$1- Access & Mini coloring Page

$5 - Above, and Digital Mini Print

$10 - Above, and Digital 8x10 Print

$15 - Above, and mailed set of month exclusive Patreon Stickers

$25 - Above, and mailed 11x17 Print 

$50 - Above, and a  Mini  Commission (Limited Tier)

$100 - Above, but a 8x10   Commission instead  (Limited Tier)

I'll be catching up in Coloring Pages and then slowing phasing them out.  I will be setting up the webcam to do more streams,  WIP videos, and more.  I do want to do once a month Art Request Day, again as well! <3

I have 9 weeks starting Monday til my next convention, but Patreon catchup comes first.

For my next convention I will be focusing on smaller prints to fill out the table, and then after that its a Pony con so it will be ALL PONY ART HOORAY <3