The Kongversation Delayed AGAIN; Chad and Hyle Thoroughly Remorseful
Hey everyone!  You remember how we had to delay the Kongversation when my (Chad's) setup decided to spend several days woefully incapable of streaming a podcast out to the world? Well now my apartment building's sprung a leak, pushing back my scheduled repairs into the late evening.  And there goes our Friday at 8PM EST recording slot!

We're pushing the Yooka-Laylee episode once again. Here are the times:

2PM EST on Saturday livestreamed for all $5+ patrons (normal Twitch channel)

Within about an hour of recording for $2+ Early Bird patrons

Sunday afternoon for the general public

We're doing our best to recoup the scheduling woes, and we're sorry for the delay.  But hopefully this afternoon stream might allow some Patrons to attend that are generally unable to due to the night timing.

Thanks for Please Understanding,