Koohii land end of March update
Thank you for supporting Kanji Koohii on our first month on Patreon!

So what's happening in Koohii land lately?

  • The biggest news of course which I last wrote about is that Kanji Koohii is now an Open Source project.  There is a thread about Open Source Kanji Koohii  on the forum. This is a good link to share if you know developers looking for a project :)  I am available most days on Gitter  to help anyone interested get up and running.
  • Just recently I also upgraded the website to PHP 7 (from php 5.4+). This improves performance for the live site, and can make the open source project more attractive since php7 is the latest version with more syntactic sugar. Hmm.
  • Merged contributions from German (aka porukkusu) author of Kanji Ryokusha for Android. German made changes and additions to the API to support new features in the app.
  • As you may have noticed in the news  the ability to review kanji by lesson has been added back in. It had to move from the Check Progress page which was confusing users (since they are "free" reviews and do not update the progress chart). This feature can be useful if you want to review kanji that are in the same group of primitives (as per Heisig's method).
  • Along with the code base, I published kanji-koohii-files  on Github, which contains a sample database used for development. This database contains a selection of "top voted stories" which can be used in other projects. See forum thread.
  • There is a patron hall of fame of sorts :)  on the website's Support  page. I know it's not terribly exciting. I'm still debating whether to add patron only features, or instead add larger goals to encourage support.
  • I reorganized all the labels in the code repository and added a "help-wanted" label  to single out tasks for potential contributors. I also create a few tasks that are fairly simple to help someone get into the project.

So what's next?

I think it would be time to move onto the HTTPS / SSL upgrade since I promised it was coming in April, and the goal is reached.

It might be quite a bit of work, but I can do it in multiple phases.

The forum will be upgraded at a later point. On the forum I might need to edit all the "inner linking" URLS (eg. threads linking to other threads, very common).. in order to update the http to https. OR I can use an Apache redirect. But I feel like updating the database would be best to avoid redirects and may be necessary for search engines.


I also pulled the plug and bought a Mac Mini on eBay. OS X is a great environment for web development.  It's a late 2012 model with 16 GB RAM and a SSD so it should run pretty decently.

Ubuntu is pretty cool too, but I have to run it inside Virtual Box (virtual machine). I tried the other option, which is native Ubuntu and Photoshop inside a VM but I can't work like that because Photoshop becomes a little sluggish and it's kinda tedious to use, in my experience at least.

Running OS X will let me experiment with XCode as well. If someone happened to be working on an iOS app which uses Kanji Koohii API I would be able to test it as well.... Hmm.