KOTOR - Soldier/Guardian 053 - Manaan Sith Base Part 1
4NerdFamily plays ALL of the classes at the same time!  But not all of the permutations.  We're doing the three *pure* paths, Scout to Sentinel; Soldier to Guardian; Smuggler to Consular.  The Scout is Light Side, the Smuggler is Dark Side, the Soldier is as neutral as possible.

Video 53:  The Sith Base on Manaan is the target of almost every quest on Manaan, as an intermediary step or as the conclusion of the quest.  So, we can't really continue with anything else on Manaan without doing the Sith Base.  The important thing is that here we will discover what has happened to the missing Selkath and how the Sith plan to deal with Manaan going forward.  Oh, and we'll recover the missing robot data that the Republic Ambassador needs to unlock the last stage of the plot quest line.

Story-wise, there are a lot of dropped balls here.  No matter your alignment, there are no visible repercussions to what you do on Manaan, *unless* you make one particularly bad decision in the aftermath of the Sith Base raid; that will get you kicked of the planet for good.  Despite uncovering a Sith plot that the Selkath take extreme exception to, nothing works any differently on the planet.  The Sith are still there, saying all the same things and doing all the same things.  The only repercussions are personal, which makes the universe feel a lot smaller and inconsequential.

Lastly, I apologize for how long this takes.  Partially it's because Manaan, unlike the other planets, is set at a fixed difficulty instead of adaptive.  You're supposed to be level 12 or higher when you go to Manaan; I'm level 8/9.  There are some damned tough encounters in the Sith Base for lower level players.  We are fast approaching the point where we started recording things differently, which allows us to do faster cuts with more focused commentary.  So look forward to that; it's a lot faster and more interesting.