Kourna Lake, Chania and PARADISE (Seitan Limania Beach)
We left the hotel early and headed towards the Chania and made a stop at Kourna Lake, Crete's only freshwater lake with a diameter of 3.5km. You can rent pedalos and stand up paddles, which we didn't do. But according to the staff if you go to a certain side you can find turtles there *heart*.

Chania is the second largest city in Crete and a wonderful city. To be honest, we enjoyed this more than Rethymno! The ambience is very relaxed and there are a lot of restaurants at the harbor. The narrow streets in the city reminded us of Santorini, but much less crowded and less touristy.

Seitan Limania Beach is PARADISE! It's is very hard to reach (45min by car from Chania, 10min from the parking to the beach) but totally worth it! The color of the water is just unreal!
To be honest we expected less people there but I guess Seitan Limania is pretty known nowadays and one of the must visit beaches in Crete.

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