Koype v0.1.0, ActivityDesk and You
Hey there! Thank you for supporting the vision of a more independent Web. Before I continue, I’d want to explain to you what both of these projects are and how you’ve backed projects that aim to improve how people use and control their social media interactions for the better. I spend a lot of time on federated social media be it via Mastodon or via the IndieWeb and I think I have an idea as to what would make those daily interactions and flows a lot easier for people.


This project has a terrible name (one of which I’m open to suggestions) but the mission is solid. It plans to be a light ActivityPub client for the desktop (initially targeting Linux machines but very open to contributions to other platforms). Despite the eagerness to move everything to the Web; the speed that native applications provide is still unmatched. A lot of ActivityPub clients out there focus on Mastodon and to that point even repackage the mobile Web interface into an Electron; eating your memory. It’s a quick solution to the desktop client problem.

ActivityDesk won’t be the first client. For GNOME users, Tootle is a high quality contender designed for ElementaryOS. I look to it as what can be done in the realm of free software – building beautiful experiences for open platforms. This is why I need your help. By funding my time on projects like this; you contribute to the diversity of projects that aim to push the buck forward – by validating the worth of open platforms and the energy spent on building tools for them.

I’m aiming to have a landing site with more information about ActivityDesk by the end of December 2018. You’ll be the first to know with early access to the site. Below is a screenshot of some super rough ideas around ActivityDesk and where I see it going.


Koype began as me wanting to rewrite my personal website as an IndieWeb one. In doing so, I noticed how difficult it was for people who wanted to move to the IndieWeb to get their systems up and going. The ones who were willing to learn how to write HTML and spin up services (be it Jekyll on GitHub Pages or a small server on NearlyFreeSpeech) have to learn so much about Microformats, IndieAuth, Webmentions, Micropub, WebSub – the list goes on and on! I wanted to build something open that provides all of this and allows for extensions where people deemed it necessary.

I’m working on a landing site for Koype to be out around the start of January 2019. As always, you’ll be the first to know about these developments.


I do this for ease. I want to use all of these amazing platforms and tools but I also want the access to use to available to all. My hope is to have ActivityDesk be as simple to install as Firefox on a new machine and Koype as simple to set up as Wordpress using a one-click installer. I have a few more projects coming that tie into Koype more tightly but for now; I’ll keep my plate as full as it can be with the support I currently have. That’s where you come in! Please share this post and help get the word about these developments so I can spend more time working on things that help the independent Web at large. My mission is to have interoperable, flexible and free tools that everyone can use to get into the mix. I just need your support.

If Patreon doesn't work for you as a platform, visit https://jacky.wtf/pay for more options.

Thank you!

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