Krampus is springing forth, and he's a musician

When you become a $25 a month member, one of the perks is that you get to tell me what my next book is about. The next book, as dictated by patron Heather, is going to be about Krampus the Christmas demon, and how he only steals children because he is so lonely. 

Although the Facebook group consensus is that Krampus should be super buff and beautiful but with horns, and also evil or whatever--- this is my picture of him, in my mind. He's just a lonely musician (a good one, though) who wishes he were more loved, like his counterpart, Santa Claus. But he is what he is, you know? It's those horns, you see. They get in the way of doorframes and all that, but more importantly, people judge him for them and they think he isn't a nice guy. Also, the cloven hooves. Poor Krampus. No wonder he's singing the blues. 

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